"Our children's future lies in the value of their education."
- Rachele Espiritu

Meet Rachele Espiritu

Rachele Espiritu, PhD is a parent, an engaged community member, and expert in children’s social emotional well-being. She was appointed to the DPS Board of Education in 2016, and is the first immigrant to serve on the board in over a hundred years. Rachele has lived in Denver for five years and lives in Stapleton with her husband and two sons.

About Rachele

“As President of the board, I was really honored to appoint Rachele last year. I am honored now to endorse her for school board because she has shown tremendous amounts of involvement with her schools. In the short time she has been on the board, Rachele has become deeply involved in our whole child policy and community engagement efforts. Her leadership and insights are just a few of the reasons that District 4 is lucky to have such a great representative.”
– Denver School Board President Anne Rowe